Top 10 best Christmas gift ideas in India 2021

Christmas is near, and people have started their preparation. Everyone started decorating their house with lights, candles, Christmas trees.

Kids are waiting for Santa Claus’s gifts.

Christmas is a time of fun, joy, and happy celebration with family. In these holiday seasons, people buy many gifts and give them to their loved one’s family & friends.

Some people are confused about buying gifts. What gift should I buy for my husband? Or brother? Etc Here, we are sharing some of the best Christmas gift ideas in India.

10 Best Christmas gift ideas in India

1# Fitness band

If you are planning to buy a gift for a person who is more into fitness then buy a fitness band for him. Fitness bands are developed with advanced technology and you can wear it in your hand. Lot of companies are manufacturing fitness bands with lot of amazing features.

These wearable devices are having a lot of features such as monitor heart rate, monitor sleep cycle, track wanking steps, anti lost, pedometer, reminder call etc.

You can connect this wearable device to a smartphone and track the data in the phone. These fitness bands are supported by both Android and iOS.

2# Virtual assistant device

A virtual assistant device is a voice-controlled speaker. Amazon echo dot is a device which connects with Amazon Alexa. Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant who interacts with people using voice through echo dot speaker.

It is a cloud-based service and you can control using your voice.

Echo dot is capable of playing music, to do list, answer any question, set alarm, control smart devices such as bulbs, light switches, security camera.

You can keep this device at any place in your home and use it as an assistant.

If you are looking for any information such as today’s news then simply ask Alexa to tell today’s news. It will tell today’s news.

3# Smart electronics

Nowadays with all latest technology most of our home devices are becoming smart. Now we have lights, switches, security cameras, geyser and a lot of other smart electronics.

These smart devices are connected to wi-fi and can be controlled from anywhere in the world. You can use a mobile app to control your smart device. Switch on, switch off or any other function based on smart device.

For example, smart light can be connected to your home wi-fi and you can change light color or brightness using your mobile app.

4# Smart watch

Smartwatches are now in trend.

These smartwatches help us to live life better as it has a lot of features which will help us to become healthier and fit. It will count the steps we walked and tell the calories burned.

You can set alarm or reminder, sleeping time, GPS, heart rate, call, messages.

It has a long battery life which can run up to 4 days. Using smartwatch you can track your all-day activity such as exercise, lunch dinner reminders, call, messages, sleeping time etc.

5# eBook reader

Amazon eBook reader is one of the best book reader available in the market. This eBook reader is known as Amazon Kindle.

It is a small device with a screen size around 6 inches, looks similar to a tablet but functionality is totally different. Kindle stores thousands of books in its storage space.

Kindle eBooks are a much cheaper paperback book. Suppose, if a hard copy of the book will cost 250 then kindle w book will cost much more than the hardcopy book price.

As we have to purchase and download the eBook in our Kindle device.  We cannot carry thousands of books along with us while traveling, but if we have a kindle then we can carry thousands of books.

Kindle will store thousands of books and we can read those books any time anywhere, in the park, train or anywhere outside. Kindle battery charge lasts up to 1 week.

This device is very good for gifting kids and any other person who loves reading.4

6# VR headsets

Virtual reality headsets are a device which is mounted on the head and provide virtual reality experience to the person who is wearing it. VR headsets technology is there from quite some time but earlier VR devices were very expensive. Not VR headsets are available in cheap price which uses a mobile device to show VR experience. Basically, VR headsets are used for gaming, applications, simulations, training and also for entertainment.

7# Noise-canceling headphones

Nowadays there are so many companies manufacturing headphones. There are different types of headphones such as an earphone, wired headphone, Bluetooth headphone. All these headphones have noise cancelation feature. Some companies headphone do it better than others. Companies such as sony, bose, Phillips, boat, Sennheiser, JBL, tag are some of the leading headphone brands in India. Headphones are very good to listen to music, it covers the ears and provides ultimate sound experience.

8# Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are in trend due to its feature. It is small in size and you can carry it anywhere. You can easily connect with the mobile phone and play music. There is no wire and you can charge it using the USB cable. These Bluetooth speakers come in different design and range and you can choose the model according to you your requirement. Also, they are available in different color and shapes so you can choose the coolest one.

9# Streaming device

Get streaming device and convert your normal TV to smart tv. These are small devices which you can connect to your HDTV. After connecting you can start streaming movies, TV shows etc. Also, you can use amazon prime. Netflix, hotstar to stream videos to your TV. Using streaming devices you can play youtube videos directly to your TV. This streaming device connects to your TV using HDMI cable & power supply to run the device. Also, strong internet wifi network is required to watch flawless movies.

Amazon fire TV stick is one of the best streaming device available in market. It is easy to install and configure amazon fire TV stick. You can watch amazon prime, Netflix, Hotstar and lot of other streaming channels.

10# Projectors

Convert your living room to a high-quality home theater using projectors. These portable full HD LED projectors are available with a lot of features. It has a large screen display and you can connect USB drive directly to play any movie or video. These projectors can be connected to the mobile, digital camera, memory card, laptops, desktops, PS4, and TV box. It will connect to wifi and you can stream videos directly from youtube, Netflix, Amazon prime etc

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