Top 10 Best Geyser in India 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Instant water heater

“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” ― Sylvia Plath

You can buy Best geyser in India and enjoy the hot water bath everyday.

Winter is just around the corner. This is the right time to buy a new geyser or upgrade the old one.

Water heaters aka Geysers have become a necessity during winters as one cannot imagine taking cold showers.

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A hot water in the morning or after work is so invigorating and relaxing. An electric vertical storage type heater gives you warm water that lasts till you complete your bath.

However, with lots of water heater brands vying for your attention, it becomes a difficult task to choose the right one. Here’s a low-down on the top 10 Best Electric Geyser in India 2023.

Based on our review Crompton Solarium DLX IWH03PC1 3-Litre Instant Water Heater is the best water heater or geyser in India. It heats water instantly and consumes less electricity.

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Types of Water Heater

Basically there are 3 types of water heater available in India for home water heating:

Immersion Rod Water Heaters

Immersion Heater

Immersion Rod Water Heaters or water heating rod is the most basic water heater available.

To heat water, dip the heating rod in bucket and switch on the power.

Container water level should be maintained between maximum or minimum level.

Instant water heater or Instant Geyser

Instant water heaterInstant water heater, heats the water fast.

Instantly within 1 to 2 minutes water gets heated and ready to use. This water heater capacity is less of 1 to 3 liters.

If quick shower is required than instant water heater is good as it will provide hot water instantly.

Because of its low storage capacity it will heats water fast.

Storage water heater or Storage Geyser

storage geyserA storage water heater heats water and keeps it hot for a significant amount of time.

An inbuilt tank in the storage water heater holds the water.

Since its capacity is more and built to store large quantity, it will take time to heat the water.

Available in a different capacity from 1 to 50 liters.

The water remains hot for a certain time. As the capacity is more the hot water temperature goes down after some time.

The advantage is no frequent power switch on/off is required, only once heat the water and switch off.

Top 10 Best Geyser in India 2023

Let’s see the list of top 10 geysers in India 2023.

Top 10 Geysers in India Review

Here is the detailed review of all the cheap and best water heater in India. Checkout the review and select the best geyser for your home according to your requirement.

1# Crompton Solarium DLX IWH03PC1 3-Litre Instant Water Heater


Crompton Greaves enjoys a great reputation among in electric consumer products for the household, such as fans, lightings, mixer grinders, toasters, irons, and many other products. The Crompton Solarium Dlx Instant Water Heater warms your bathing water almost instantly. It has a steel tank for safety and durability. The aesthetically designed heater looks attractive on your bathroom walls. This is the best 3 liter geyser available in market. This geyser is one of the best instant water heater in India.

Product Features:

– The Body is made of ABS plastic while the tank is made of stainless steel to make it rust and corrosion resistant.

– The heating element is made of high-quality copper withstands voltage variations and is durable and long lasting.

–  The glass coating on the tank makes it rust-free. The geyser lasts long and requires minimum maintenance.

– The thermal cutout feature stops the power supply when the water temperature exceeds the highest pre-set level.

– The LED thermal indicators light up in green when the water reaches the required temperature instantly.

– Also equipped with a safety valve to relieve excess pressure when it exceeds the pre-set limits. A fusible plug is also provided for added safety.

Product Information:

  • Brand and Model: Crompton, IWH03PC1(3KW)
  • Capacity: 3 Litres;
  • Wattage: 3000 Watts
  • Product Dimensions (cms): 42.5 (Length) X 22.8 (Width) X 22.8 (Height)
  • Weight: 3.18 Kg
  • Rated Water Pressure: 6.5 Bar


  • Has several outstanding safety features like a safety valve, fusible plug.
  • It provides good value for money.
  • Two years guarantee on the product.


  • Not a storage type heater.
  • The 3 liter capacity may be found inadequate by some.

2# Bajaj New Shakti GL 15-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater

bajaj new shakti gl 15-litre vertical storage water heater

The Bajaj brand has built an enviable reputation in economically price electric appliances. The Bajaj New Shakti 15-litre Vertical Water Heater is a lightweight, small-sized, elegantly designed storage heater keeps the water warm longer after being switched off. This is one of the best storage water heater in India.

Product Features:

– Despite its compact size, it can hold 15 liters of water at a time.

– The glass-lined coating for the inner tank and the plastic outer body are corrosion-resistant and make the water heater durable and long lasting.

– The amazingly insulated heater can keep the warmth in water trapped for a long time even after the power is switched off.

– Consumer safety has been given priority by providing several safety features to prevent dry heating, overheating and over-pressure; such as a 4-in-1 safety multi-functional valve, a fire-retardant cable.

– The heating element is made of long-lasting Incoloy; an alloy of iron, nickel, and chromium; heating element.

Product Information:

  • Brand and model: Bajaj, New Shakti
  • Capacity: 15 liters
  • Wattage: 2000 watts
  • Item Weight: 11.4 Kg
  • Rated Pressure: 8 bars or 0.70 MPA


  • The 4-star BEE2015 rated product provides better energy efficiency and less consumption of electricity; thus saving your electricity bills.
  • The 8 bar pressure rating makes it suitable for High Pressure and Pressure Pump Installations.
  • 2 year warranty on product and 5 years on inner tank


  • It can only be mounted vertically.

3# Powerpye 5 Star ISI Mark Stainless Steel Geyser 10 L

Powerpye 5 Star ISI Mark Stainless Steel Geyser

The Powerpye water heater is compact in size and can hold 10 liters of hot water. It has a high-grade stainless steel non-corrosive water tank. The heater comes with a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase. Despite its good features, not suitable for high rise buildings as it is not rated to withstand the high pressure.

Product Features:

– The product is rated 5 Star by BEE, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Thus it minimizes electricity consumption and reduces your electricity bills.

– It has two separate Incoloy heating elements for fast heating.

– It also comes equipped with a safety tip switch.

– The present thermal cut-out mechanism cuts off the heating power once the water has reached maximum temperature.

= It has additional features like the electricity saving button, perfect for saving power and reducing electricity.

Product Information:

  • Brand and Model: Powerpye
  • Capacity: 10 liters
  • Wattage: 2000 Watts
  • Color: White, Ivory
  • Guarantee: 1 year on the product


  • Compact In size and is suitable for a small family
  • 5 star rating means the highest energy efficiency
  • It has a strong build quality ensures long life


  • Not suitable for high-rise buildings.
  • Small capacity of 10 liters may be inadequate for a family.
  • Accessories like connecting pipes, electric sockets etc are not included in the package.

4# American Micronic AMI-WHM3-15LDx 15-Litre Water Heater

American Micronic AMI

American Micronic is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and its products are CE Certified. This American Micronic 15 Litre Imported Water Heater has a host of all good features you may be looking for in a water heater.  It also has a classy look will enhance the décor of your bathroom walls. Let us take a look at some of its awesome features.

Product Features:

– It has a Titanium enamel glass lined tank glass lined tank to provide maximum protection against corrosion and hard water.

– The water tank is made of 2mm ultra-thick inner steel can withstand 8 Bar pressure makes it suitable for installation in multi-story buildings

– The only water heater available in India with energy saving three power modes of 800W/1200W/2000W

— It has 22x234mm magnesium anode for superior corrosion resistance

– BEE 5 Star certified by Bureau of Energy Efficiency

– It also has variable temperature control and automatic cut-off

– The 42 mm PUF insulations has a density of 35kg/m3 for better insulation and saves energy.

– Multiple safety protection against overheating, overpressure and electric shock

– You can set the temperature from 30-75 degree centigrade.

– Multiple safety systems for protection against dry heating and overpressure

– Automatic power cut-off after the set temperature, to save power.

– It comes with weather and moisture proof IPX4 -Fire retardant cable along with 3 pin plug.

Product Information:

  • Brand and Model: American Micronic, AMI-WHM3-15LDx
  • Capacity: 15 liters
  • Wattage: 2000 watts;
  • Product Dimensions: 46 x 48 x 41 cm
  • Weight: 12.8 Kg
  • Color: White


  • It has 3 Power settings to save on power consumption.
  • It has all the features you would look in a water heater.


  • None whatsoever.

5# AO Smith HSE-SDS-25 25-Litre Vertical Water Heater

ao smith hse-sds water heater

O. Smith was the first U.S. water heater company to come to India, and its products have been appreciated by the consumers for their unmatched quality and innovative designs. The ao smith hse-sds-25 water heater has been rated 4 stars rated by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, makes it an energy efficient water heater. It has a Blue Diamond coated tank, temperature settings, and changeable color panels makes it a exclusive water heater.

Product Features:

– The water tank is a double coated glass-lined tank provides protection against protection against hard water and corrosion.

– The glass coated heating element prevents scales and sediment build-up on the surface of the element and extends its useful life.

– The Blue Diamond Glass Lining technology increases the life of the inner tank by making it corrosion resistant.

– The temperature control knob enables setting the temperature from 25ºC to 75ºC.

– The tank carries a 7 years warranty. The heating element has a 2 years warranty can be extended to 4 years.

– The tank has an anode rod with a stainless steel core protects the tank from corrosion.

– A thermal cutout has been provided which cuts the power supply in case the temperature exceeds the pre-set level.

– A safety valve provides another measure of safety and automatically relieves pressure in case it exceeds the preset limits.

Product Information:

  • Brand and Model: AO Smith, HSE-SDS-25
  • Capacity: 25 liters
  • Product Dimensions: 44.4 x 44.4 x 38.3 cm
  • Weight: 13 Kg
  • Rated Water Pressure: 8 Bar
  • Color: White
  • Wattage: 2,000 watts


  • It provides the longest warranties of 7 and 4 years on the inner tank and heating element respectively.
  • The temperature control knob is a useful feature.


  • None found, except it is a more expensive heater.

6# AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater

AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-Litre

O. Smith brand brought world-class innovative features in heaters, to India. Its products have built up an enviable reputation for its quality and advanced features. The ao smith electric water heater liter heater provides Blue Diamond glass lining, glass-coated heating element, energy efficient insulation, and multiple color options. It also has 5-star BEE ratings.

Product Features:

– Double coated glass-lined tank to provide maximum protection against hard water and corrosion.

– Glass coating on the heating element helps prevent scale formation and results in longer life.

– Blue Diamond lining technology on the inner tank increases its life by making it corrosion resistant.

– The temperature can be set anywhere between 25ºC to 75ºC using the temperature control knob.

– The tank carries a 7 years warranty and the heating element has a 4 year extended warranty.

– The anode rod has a stainless steel core designed to protect the tank from corrosive elements.

– Thermal cutout cuts off the power if the water temperature exceeds the highest preset level.

– Safety Valve ensures safety in case the pressure overshoots the preset limits.

Product Information:

  • Brand and Model: A. O. Smith, HSE-SDS-15
  • Capacity: 15 Ltrs
  • Product Dimensions: 37.3 (L) x 34.8 (W) x 37.3 (H) cm
  • Weight: 9.81 Kg
  • Wattage: 2000 Watts
  • Rated Water Pressure: 8 Bar


  • The BEE 5 star ratings mean energy saving and reduced power bills.
  • The Color Match System allows matching the water heater color to your bathroom décor.


  • Almost twice as expensive as other water heaters of the same capacity.

7# Kenstar Hot Spring KGS10W5M-GDE 10-Litre Storage Water Heater

Kenstar Hot Spring KGS10W5M-GDE

Kenstar built up its reputation within a short span of time. A well-known name in kitchen appliances. It has also made successful forays in household electrical appliances. The Kenstar Hot spring KGS10W5M Storage Water Heater is a medium-sized compact water heater with a capacity of 10 liters. It has a BEE 5 star rating for high energy efficiency and thereby saves up to 50% electricity.

Product Features:

– The heater has a rust-free body makes it durable and long lasting.

– The insulation provided inside is of good quality and retains heat longer.

– The pressure release valve automatically opens to release excess hot water, thereby reducing internal pressure.

– The heater is suitable for installation up to 8 floors only.

– It has a 6 years warranty on the product.

Product Information:

  • Brand and Model: Kenstar, Hot spring KGS10W5M
  • Type: Storage
  • Capacity: 10 Liters
  • Product Dimensions: 26.5 (l) x 51 (w) x 28.2 (h) cm
  • Item Weight: 6.41 kg
  • Wattage: 2000 Watts
  • Capacity: 10 liters
  • Color: Ivory


  • 5-star BEE ratings cuts electricity bills by half.
  • 19 liers size may be preferable by small families.


  • It can’t be installed in high-rise buildings above 8th floor.

8# Kenstar Jacuzzi KGS15W5P 15-Litre Storage Water Heater

Kenstar Jacuzzi KGS15W5P

Kenstar is a trusted name in home and kitchen appliances. It has built up its reputation through a range of products while delivering the best quality, style, and durability. The Kenstar Jacuzzi KGS15W5P Water Heater is elegantly designed with a rust-free body. A certified BEE 5 star rating for high energy efficiency and can reduce power bills by half. The large capacity of 15 liters is adequate for a family.

Product Features:

– The heater has an ISI certified heating element.

– The stainless steel tank is durable and has a long life. Body is coated with an insulated plastic coating helps retain the heat and keeps the water warm longer.

– The heater has three temperature settings allowing you to set the temperature according to your choice.

– The heater is equipped with a pre-set thermal cut-out, this prevents overheating. The power is cut off automatically if the temperature crosses the pre-set level.

– The company offers a 6 years warranty on the product.

– The heater is not suitable for high-rise buildings and can be used to 8 floors only.

Product Information:

  • Brand and Model: Kenstar, Jacuzzi KGS15W5P
  • Capacity: 15 Liters
  • Product Dimensions: 35 x 54 x 35.5 cm
  • Color: White, Cream
  • Item Weight: 8.06 Kg
  • Wattage: 2000 watts


  • The heater has 5-star rating means high energy efficiency and reduces electricity bills.
  • The large capacity of 15 liters


  • Suitable to be installed up to eight floors only.

9# Crompton Solarium DLX SWH815 15-Litre Storage Water Heater

Crompton Solarium DLX SWH815 15-Litre

Crompton is one of the leading players in electrical household appliances. Crompton’s water heaters are reliable and have a good reputation in both instant and storage type water heaters. Here are some of the outstanding features of Crompton Solarium DLX SWH815 storage water heater is compact and has an elegant look.

Product Features:

– The ability to withstand 8 bar pressure makes it suitable for high rise buildings and pressure pump applications.

– The 3-star rating from BEE makes it highly energy efficient and it can reduce the electricity bill by half.

– The inner water tank is designed with a single weld line to minimize leakage by 66%.

– The ISI marked heating element is made of nickel coated copper to withstand hard water and corrosion.

– The patented nano-polymer technology on the tank provides unmatched protection against corrosion.

– The outer body made of high grade ABS ensures rust-free performance.

– It has a set of safety features such as a capillary thermostat, thermal cut out, fusible plug to provide higher safety in case the temperature exceeds pre=set levels.

Product Information:

  • Brand and Model: Crompton, SWH815
  • Capacity: 15 liters
  • Product Dimensions: 49.5 x 35.5 x 37 cm
  • Item Weight:  11.9 Kg
  • Color: Ivory, White
  • Rated Water Pressure: 8 Bar
  • Wattage: 2,000 watts


  • The 5-star BEE rating helps in reducing the power consumption by 50%.
  • 16 liter capacity is just right for families.


  • None worth mentioning.

10# Racold CDR-15V 15-Litre Vertical Water Heater

Racold CDR-15V 15-Litre

Racold is an old trusted name in every kind of water heater including immersion rods. It has a wide range of storage water heaters come in different capacities. Some even come with options to install the heater horizontally or vertically depending on the available space and décor of the bathroom.

The Racold CDR-15V has several good features make it a great choice. It has a capacity of 15 liters and the 4 star energy saver rating makes it save on electricity. The steel body is durable and has a high quality powder coating.

Product Features:

– The heating element with a coating of magnesium anode makes it last longer.

– The unique polymer protective coating technology resists corrosion from hard water

– The outer body is rust-proof.

– The heater can withstand high pressure up to 8 bars.

– The heater has three levels of safety against high temperature and pressure; a high tech adjustable thermostat, thermal cutout and a multi function safety valve conforming to international standards.

– The insulation system helps retaining heat for longer periods.

Product Information:

  • Brand and Model: Racold, CDR 15V
  • Capacity: 15 liters
  • Product Dimensions: 49.5 x 35.5 x 37 cm
  • Item Weight:  7.32 Kg
  • Color: Ivory    White
  • Rated Water Pressure: 8 Bar
  • Wattage    2,000 watts


  • A reliable brand and the 4-star certification ensures energy efficiency.
  • Can be installed safely in high-rise buildings, as it can withstand up to 8 bars of pressure.


  • Not as advanced and good looking as some newer brands.

Geyser Buyers Guide

Which water heater is best for you? Instant or Storage?

Traditionally people used to heat water using gas or stove. It requires hard work and additional effort. Nowadays the trend has changed with new technology.

Water heater are used for heating water. You just have to switch on the button and you will get hot water. If you are still using traditional way then time to upgrade your home with a geyser.

Before selecting any geyser you have to know what is your requirement. There are various factors based on that you can decide which geyser is best for you. Geysers are broadly categorized in 2 category Instant and storage.

Both have their pros and cons.

Instant heaters

The Instant heaters are smaller and have small capacities of a few liters. If you can do with hot water in a bucket, then an instant water heater provides an ideal solution as more economical to use. The water heats up in minutes and you can fill the bucket and mix it up with normal cold water to bring it to the temperature you prefer.

Benefits of Instant Water heaters

  • Compact in size
  • Heat water instantly
  • Saves electricity
  • Less or no maintenance
  • Provide continuous water supply

Storage water heater

However, if you need a luxurious bath and use the shower, then an in-line storage water heater is the perfect solution. The hot water goes straight to the water pipelines to the shower. You can adjust the ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ water knobs of the showers for the desired temperature.

Benefits of Storage Water heaters

  • Keep water hot for long time in tank
  • Consumes less electricity than instant water heater
  • Different capacity model available.

Things to consider while buying water heater or geyser:

Before you go out buying your water heater, it might come handy to equip yourself with some information will help you decide your requirements. Several models offered by different brands and you might be influenced in buying one doesn’t fulfill your requirements. In such cases, it would be futile to blame the makers of the water heater.

Power Ratings

A higher power rating does not mean it will consume more power for the same amount of hot water. It only means the heater will warm up the water quicker. This will save your time considerably. A power rating of 2000 watts is ideal for a storage type water heater.

Power Consumption Ratings

The star ratings from BEE indicate the energy efficiency, and higher rating ones, like 4-star and 5-star should be preferred over others. Based on the type of components used and the insulating properties of the water heater to retain heat longer.


It is important to have an uninterrupted supply of hot water. This is where the capacity of the water heaters becomes an important issue. If you have a family takes bath in the morning at almost the same time, better to have a larger capacity storage water heater so family members do not have to wait for the water to warm up.

Auto Shut-off

Auto shud-off is a useful feature to have. In case you forget to switch off or the temperature reaches the pre-set levels; the geyser shuts off automatically. It also saves on power consumed.

Safety Issues

A water heater raises water temperature up to 75 degrees and can cause serious burn injuries. Moreover, an overheated water heater may give off steam under pressure. These hazards can be avoided if the water heater is equipped with a reliable thermostat and power cut-off mechanism. This will switch off the power in case the water reaches the desired temperature.

For additional safety, a safety valve to let of excess steam and hot water in an extreme situation. Many heaters are also equipped with fusible plugs melt and lets the hot water out in case of emergency situations.

Rated Water Pressure

In case of installation in high-rise buildings remember the additional height of columns of water adds to the water pressure in the water pipes. Hence, on lower floors you get water at a higher pressure. A good water heater must also be able to withstand this additional pressure. A geyser having a pressure rating of 8 bars is ideal for installation in high-rise buildings.

Hard Water

If the water you is hard and has dissolved salts in it, then these will form scales in the water tank and decrease its efficiency to warm water. You will need a heater specially equipped with the corrosion-resistant tank.

Best water tank brand in India?

Lot of companies manufacturing water heater in India. Some of the companies names are mentioned below:

How to choose best water geyser for hard water?

In most of the metro cities we will get hard water and hard water in geyser can damage the heater. Hard water creates scaling and salt formation inside heater and damage the heating element. There will be corrosion created inside geyser fast and heating elements needs to be replaced frequently.

We can take few steps while buying geyser to protest geyser from hard water:

  • Use water softener to save geyser from hard water. Water softener will convert hard water to soft. It will be attached with the water input and the output of softener will be attached with input of geyser. So water will become soft inside and soft water enter inside geyser. Water softener will softer the hard elements such as calcium and magnesium.

  • Some Geyser filter available in market protects geyser from scaling and iron. This filter will remove iron particles and gives long life to geyser.
  • Corrosion resistant water tank will protect geyser and reduce the damage to geyser. These water tanks are made of copper and Vitreous Enamel metal geyser water tanks. Companies such as Recold, Bajaj, AO Smith and Havells geysers are having this kind of water tank.

How to install geyser in bathroom?

Once you buy the geyser then task is not completed. You need to install the geyser properly in your bathroom to make it works properly. Water should flow inside geyser and comes out properly. Power supply is proper. etc Few points you need to remember while installing geyser

  • Select a proper place in bathroom where you are going to mount geyser. There should be enough space.
  • Height from the ground to geyser should be enough.
  • Wall structure should be plain and firm so that the geyser frame properly drilled and placed.
  • Before putting water pipe check whether water is flowing with proper pressure.
  • Electric connection should be safe.
  • Make sure all the installation parts are available.
  • For installation call the plumber from authorized service centers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How much time geyser take to heat water?

A. There are 2 types of geyser instant and storage geyser. Instant geyser heats water fast and will take around 1 to 3 minutes to heat water. In storage geyser tank for storing water. Storage geysers will take around 5 to 10 minutes to heat water. Based on the capacity of tank of geyser.

Q. Does it come with auto cut off option to prevent overheating?

A. Yes, once water is heated geyser will stop. There is a indicator red and green light.

Q. Is geyser water safe to bathe in?

A. Yes, geyser water is safe to bathe but before taking bath you have to touch water and check water is warm not boiling. Usually some normal water is mixed with hot water to reduce the temperature.


Buying a Best geyser for the bathroom is not a decision one goes through making every day. A geyser lasts for almost 7 to 10 years. If you choose the right water heater then you can enjoy a long hassle-free period of use.

This article was intended to make you make an informed buying decision. Not possible to recommend one or two models, as a lot depends on several factors as referred in the buying guide. Your own individual purchase decision, so make the best of it.

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