Difference between electric and non-electric water purifier

To buy a water purifier there are a lot of parameters you need to consider. As you are going to spend money on a water purifier you will be thinking about a lot of long term use. There are a lot of models available in the market, run with or without electricity.

Before buying a water purifier you should know the difference between them as all the water purifiers’ work in different technology.

Water purifiers are broadly categorized in electric and non-electric water purifier. RO and UV water purifiers are works using electricity. RO purifies water using the RO membrane whereas UV uses radiation to purify water. Non-electric water purifier works without electricity and purifies water using activated carbon and ultra-filtration process.

Non-electric water purifiers purify water with TDS less than 300. It removes dissolved chemicals, bacteria’s, and viruses, and suspended materials. An electric water purifiers run using electricity and remove dissolved solids, makes hard water soft and remove bacteria’s and virus.

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There is a limitation with a non-electric water purifier; it will not convert hard water to soft water. If you are getting hard water at home then it is recommended to use an electric water purifier to make it soft.

It is better to use an electric water purifier but in all conditions, it is not beneficial. A lot of rural and isolated places where electricity is not available all the time electric water purifiers will not work so in that place non-electric water purifiers will serve the purpose.

Here are some key difference between electric and non-electric water purifier:


A non-electric water purifier will not convert the water from hard to soft. Basically, in urban areas, the electric water purifier is a good bit but you can also use a non-electric gravity-based water purifier if you are using corporation water.

To make water soft and remove viruses and bacteria’s electric water purifier is good. In urban areas, you have to use an electric water purifier where mostly hard water is supplied. A non-electric water purifier is good to remove chemicals and suspended materials. Usually is a rural and isolated area where electricity is not available this water purifier is best.

Also, non-electric water purifiers are cheaper than electric water purifiers. It doesn’t mean that you should save money and buy a non-electric purifier. The selection of water purifier depends on the water quality supplied at your home.

If water has a lot of impurities and high TDS then you have to take an electric water purifier. But if water quality is good and TDS is low then definitely non-electric water purifier is safe to use.

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