Is a Gravity-based water purifier safe to use?

We need pure water for drinking. A lot of people doesn’t understand the importance of clean water and drink contaminated water which makes them ill. There are bacteria’s, virus and other impurities are there in the water, and you need to remove them from water to make the water drinkable. A good water purifier will serve this purpose and removes all the impurities from water. Now the question is which is the best water purifier?

There is a different type of water available in the market such as RO, UV, RO+UV, non-electric water purifier. Some are cheap some are expensive. A water purifier is selected based on the TDS level of water.

Here is the list of best gravity-based water purifier available in market.

A gravity-based water purifier is safe for low-level TDS water. You need to check the TDS level of water at your home whether water is coming from a municipality or corporation. This water is usually clean with low TDS, but still, purification is required. You can use a gravity-based water purifier to clean this water.

Other expensive water purifiers are available but it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money if water TDS level is low at your home. A gravity-based water purifier can serve the purpose.

What is the TDS level?

TDS stands for Total dissolved Solids. These are some organic and inorganic materials, minerals, and ions that are dissolved in water. When water flows through the pipes and stones these particles get dissolved in water.

You will be thinking that what the TDS level of water is good for drinking. Water with a TDS level between 50 to 150 is excellent for drinking.


Water that comes at home through a corporation is having low TDS but it requires purification. Here you can use a gravity-based water purifier to make this water drinkable. It is not recommended to use a gravity-based water purifier if the TDS level in water is high.

In a gravity-based water purifier, you can purify water below 300 TDS. You can call an executive from a water purifier company to check the TDS water level at your home. If TDS is more than 300 then you can use UV, RO, or UV + RO water purifier as recommended by the water purifier company executive. You can also check the water TDS by yourself using Digital LCD TDS Meter.

 A gravity-based water purifier is best for low TDS water. It filters water using ultra-filtration technology. It removes bacteria, cyst, and other contamination. It purifies water without using the chemicals and enhances the taste of water. This water purifier works without using electricity.

In the market different models with different capacities, Gravity-based water purifiers are available. You can get a water purifier from 10 liters to 25 liters capacity. So you can choose according to your family size. 

Gravity-based water purifier user filters to purify the water. This filter needs to be replaced after a certain time. There is a time frame of 6 months to 1.5 years to replace the filter or needs to be replaced after filtering certain quality of water may be around 15000 liters.

These criteria depend on the company and the filter model. Usually, the company will provide the details, when the filter needs to be replaced. 

Also, proper cleaning should be required every week to make the water filter work properly. Regular cleaning also increases the life of the water filter. 

Some of the advantage of Gravity-based water purifier:

  • It works without electricity and saves money on electricity bill.
  • The price is very less as compared to other purifiers.
  • Easy to use and low maintenance cost.
  • Chemical-free purification
  • Available in different capacity
  • It removes visible particles, bacteria’s, and other impurities’ easily.


Gravity-based water purifier is safe if you are using low TDS water to filter. It filters water, removes impurities, and enhances the water taste. While using a Gravity-based water purifier you need to consider a few things. Proper cleaning should be done regularly and filters need to be replaced after it gets expired. These details are recommended by water filter companies.

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