28 Unique gadgets online in India 2023

Now day’s gadgets are part of everyone’s life. Earlier we have discussed about the Unique kitchen tools. Today we are sharing list of Unique gadgets online in India. We are using these gadgets in our day-to-day activities.

These gadgets are very useful and make our life easier. These products help you to increase productivity, organize day to day activity and make your home smart.

Usually these unique gadgets are not available in small cities local market. But you can buy these unique gadgets online in India from Amazon, where you can get these products on discounted price. Most of these electronics gadgets are cheap.

Below is the list of some of the must have gadgets available in market. These gadgets are cool & stylish. You can see the detailed review and buy the product using the links provided below.

Let’s see the list and I am sure that you will definitely like some of the gadgets.

Unique gadgets online in India 2023

1# USB LED Clock Cooling Fan

USB LED Clock Cooling Fan

USB LED Clock Cooling Fan is a USB fan which displays the clock and shows the real-time.

It has two functions blow air through the fan and show real-time. It has a fan, cable neck, and USB connector.

It works using USB port power.

It is easy to use you just have to connect the USB cable to laptop or computer and switch on the fan.

The fan neck is adjustable and you can fold it in any direction according to your convenience.

You can carry it anywhere with your laptop as it is compact and lightweight.

There is no software required to install only plug and play.

USB LED Clock Cooling Fan

2# Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Wi-Fi Smart Plug or Smart socket is related to home automation.

This product will be used to control home appliances and electrical products.

Smart socket converts your normal power plug to a smart plug without any cable or wires.

You can operate whatever devices you are connected to it such as light, heater, coffee machine, washing machine, geyser, etc.

This socket is easy to use you just have to plug the socket in power plug then plug the power plug of device to it, for example, you want to control lamp then connect the lamp cable to a smart plug.

Connect the smart plug to your home Wi-Fi internet. Then install the Wi-Fi Smart Plug app to your mobile, that it. Now you can control your device using mobile.

You can switch on or off the lamp using a mobile.

Even you can control all the devices and appliances when you are outside of your home.

This smart socket is very helpful when you forgot to switch off any electrical device at your home then you can switch it off using your mobile from anywhere.

3# Wireless Earbuds with Charging Box

Wireless Earbud is an earphone with a lot of features.

It is very comfortable and fits in ears properly.

It has stereo calling facility and voice control functions for Siri and Google assistant.

It connects to mobile using Bluetooth.

It has a very long battery backup of up to 50 hrs. It earbuds will be charged using a portable charging box.

They will automatically connect to Bluetooth as soon as it picks up from portable charging box.

There is a single-touch button on outside of earbud for play/pause, answering the calls and other functions.

It is very lightweight with excellent audio quality.

4# Smart Bulb

Now day’s smart bulbs are used in homes which have the feature of changing light colors.

You can change the light color and create a different ambiance.

Wipro Garnet Smart Light 7W B22 LED Bulb is one of the best smart bulb available in market.

It helps to regulate your sleeping, helps to relax and reduce stress. Smart bulbs are having 16 million different colors with 11 years of long life.

There is no bridge is required. It can be directly controlled using the mobile app.

There is inbuilt Wi-Fi in the smart bulb which can be connected to home Wi-Fi.

You have to plug the smart bulb in the socket then you need to install the smart bulb app in your mobile.

Now using a mobile app you can control the smart bulb and change the color.

These smart bulbs are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

There are lot of companies which are manufacturing smart bulbs. Below you can check some of the best and popular smart bulbs.

MI Smart bulb:

5# Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer

Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer is a device which is used to measure temperature without any physical contact to the material or person.

It measures the temperature using the laser infrared light.

You can take the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales.

The range of thermometer is 12:1.

There is a led display which will show the temperature which was read using a laser.

You can take the temperature of the forehead of a person, room temperature and surface temperature.

You can also store the measurements up to 25 records.

6# 6 + 1 LED light Solar Emergency Light Lantern

This is a solar product and charge using solar energy.

It has 6 +1 LED lights. This Solar light has 3 functions; you can use it as an emergency light, flashlight, and a mobile charger.

You can keep this light in sunlight for charging and use it when no power is there or at any dark place.

There are 2 options for charging solar or using USB power.

If sunlight is not there then you can charge it using a USB cable.

It consumes less power and has very bright light which is lights up the room properly.

This emergency light has a USB point using that you can charge you’re mobile.

LED light Solar Emergency Light Lantern is portable and very useful for indoor and outdoor.

The best part if this emergency light is that it is charged using solar energy so there is no maintenance cost.

7# Universal Digital Battery Tester

Universal Digital Battery Tester is used to check the battery is having power or it is discharged.

This is a must-have household device as we have a lot of devices which works using batteries such as a clock, TV remote, torch, kids toys, etc.

Lot of time we are confused whether the battery is gone or the device is having a problem.

Here this Universal Digital Battery Tester will help to identify.

These devices different type of batteries AA, AAA, square battery, coin battery, and these batteries can be checked whether it is charged or not using Universal Digital Battery Tester.

It is easy to use there is a slider at the bottom with the +/- sign.

Place the battery in slider and see the meter which shows how much volt battery charge is available.

You can test multiple types of batteries using this Digital Battery Tester.

8# Health and Fitness Smartwatch

With new technologies, all our gadgets become smarter.

Now watches are getting replaces with smartwatches.

Watches are having a lot of features apart from just showing time.

It will help to track and analyses our day today activities.

A lot of companies are manufacturing smartwatches Fitbit Versa Health, Fitness Smartwatch, Apple & Samsung are some of the top companies with great smartwatch features.

It is a lightweight watch and you can set different faces on the watch.

It is a fitness smartwatch and tracks 15 exercises.

It has 4+ days of battery backup.

Smartwatch data can be tracked using the mobile app. All the data such as daily steps walked, heart rate will be stored in the mobile.

You can track how long you have sleep using heart rate tracking.

It is compatible with android and iPhone.

You can call; send a message and set alarm and reminder in a smartwatch.

It has GPS tracking feature.

You can copy music and play it in a smartwatch.

It is water-resistant unto 50 meters in water.

9# High-Security Alarm Padlock

When you go out of home your main concern is the security of home.

This High-Security Alarm Padlock is one of the best options as it has an alarm in it.

If any unauthorized people try to open the lock then alarm with start.

You can use this lock at your home, office, parking, shops, and bikes and where ever you want.

It is made up of hard stainless steel material and having a double lock system.

It works using a 12 cell battery which is installed inside the lock.

The siren will start on small pressure on lock when any unauthorized person tries to open it.

110 dba of the siren will be activated automatically.

Also, it can be used as a normal lock and you can switch off the siren.

10# 10 in 1 toolkit

Either you are at home or traveling you will be requiring some tools for the day-to-day activities such as cutting, measurement tape, opener, carton opener, etc.

A multipurpose small handy toolkit can do all this job. It is very small and you can carry it with you.

This toolkit has a stapler, scissors, bottle opener, stapler pin remover.

It has a pencil sharpener, paper punching machine, key chain, and 1-meter measurement take, storage for extra stapler pins.

It is very useful for office work.

If not all 10 then at least 6 to 7 tools are very useful which you are frequently such as scissor, stapler, etc.

11# Zoook DIGI Pad 8.5 inch Portable E-Writer Ruffpad

Zoook DIGI Pad writing tablet is a small gadget which is used for writing notes, drawing, doodles.

This device is compact and you can carry it to your office, school or anywhere.

There is a writing pen provided with the Digi pad. After writing the notes you can easily erase it using a one-touch button.

The screen size is 8.5 inch which is good for taking notes.

Digi pad is lightweight and ultra-slim.

It works using a battery; there is no charger which will save some space in you carry bag for the charger.

It is a handy and environmental gadget which will help in save papers.

It will save 3 trees which are equal to 100000 papers sheets.

This is good for students for practicing diagrams and drawings and rough work.

Very useful for kids to learn and practice writing.

12# USB Charging bag

This is an anti-theft bag USB charging bag.

It will secure your belongings of the bag while you are traveling in a crowded area such as a train.

This bag has a USB charger using that you can connect your power bank and charge mobile.

This bag is very stylish, waterproof and made up of good material.

This bag opens from the backside.

There is a compartment to carry laptop unto 15.6 inches.

There are 8 small compartments where you can keep small items.

The USB connector is available inside the bag which you can connect to your power bank.

Outside bag, on the right side there is a USB port using that you can charge your mobile on the go.

On top corners, there is a reflective strip provided.

For back support, thick foam and padding are provided which is very comfortable.

Solder straps are thick and comfortable. In left strap, there is a small compartment you can use this to keep cash, coins, ID cards, earphones, ATM cards, etc.

13# Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank

Mi power is one of the best power bank available.

The power bank is a having with elegant design and high performance and a must-have gadget.

Usually, people will be facing the problem of a power cut and low battery in mobile.

The power bank is the best option to solve that.

You can charge your mobile and another accessory during a power cut.

Also, you can carry it while you are traveling and charge you’re mobile on the go.

Even you can charge many other gadgets which are charged using USB.

Mi power bank available in 2 different capacity 10000 mAH and 20000 mAH.

It has 2 USB points so you can charge 2 different devices at a time.

There is an option for low power charging, you have to double press button for Bluetooth devices such as headset and fitness bands.

It is temperature resistant and protection for the overcharge. It has 4 LED light indicator for the percentage of charge available in power bank.

14# RoboTouch RideOn Mobile Charger for Two Wheelers

RoboTouch RideOn Mobile Charger for Two Wheelers is a DIY charger.

Two-wheeler mobile chargers are very useful for People who are traveling daily for a long time.

A lot of people forgot to charge their mobile at home and morning they will be in a hurry to go to the office.

These people can charge their mobile in their 2 wheeler on the go.

Installing this charger is very easy you just have to connect this gadget to your two-wheeler battery and fix the charger point in your bike handle.

If you find it difficult to install then there is a manual provided in the pack which will explain the steps to install the charger.

It can charge up to 1500 mAH and automatically switch off when the bike battery is low.

15#USB lighter

This USB lighter is windproof and rechargeable lighter which is flame-less.

It can be used when there is a heavy wind blow.

There is no gas of fuel required to fuel the lighter.

It heats the tip of lighter electrically.

This lighter is environmentally friendly, stylish and compact.

16# Night lamp with sensor

Night lamp with the sensor is an amazing and cool gadget for your home.

When the room becomes dark it will automatically lit the light and when light is there at the room it will switch off.

It will also change color.

The sensor will detect the darkness and brightness of the room and according to that, it will work.

You can plug this night lamp at your bedroom and not need to switch on/off daily it will automatically work using the sensor.

It looks very cute and you can also gift it to someone.

17# Wireless Night Light Stick Tap Torch Lamp

The wireless night light is a good option to install is placed such as a wardrobe or some small room.

This LED light is wireless and works using 3 AAA batteries.

It has 3 LED lights and you can switch on/off by pressing on top of the light.

On the backside of light, there is a double-sided sticker which you can use it to stick light at walls, wooden metal or plastic surface.

It’s simple and very useful gadget as it is wireless and easy to place anywhere at home or in car.

18# VeeDee Bluetooth FM Transmitter car kit

This is a plug and plays FM transmitter for car.

Using this gadget you can connect your mobile to the car stereo and play music.

Also, it has 2 USB points for charging the mobile or any other device.

It is very easy to set up this device in your car.

You have to connect this device to a cigarette lighter socket.

Set your car radio and FM transmitter to blank frequency.

Then connect your mobile to FM transmitter using Bluetooth.

Now you are ready to play music using your mobile.

It has a small display which will show the car voltage.

Apart from playing the music, you can use this device for hands-free calls, phone charging and GPS tracking using car locator multi function app.

19# Portronics Litehouse POR-629 Magnetic LED Lamp with power bank

This is a multipurpose gadget which is LED light with inbuilt power bank and magnetic base.

It has a power bank of 4400 mAH.

You can carry it with you while traveling and you can use it as emergency light and also if required you can charge your mobile or any other accessories.

This gadget is compatible with most of the mobile devices.

It has a magnetic base so you can place it on any magnetic surface such as your CPU cabinet.

This is a very useful product as it is having multiple features which it required in day today life.

20# Puro 5 In 1 Multipurpose Pen

This is an amazing gadget with multiple features.

It is having 5 great different features which are very useful for office work.

There is a red laser light which can be used as a pointer to point anything in presentations.

It has LED light which can be used as a torch and very good for low light or dark place.

Next feature is a retractable pointer; you can stretch this pen and make it a retractable pointer which can be used in presentations.

The can of the pen is magnetic which can be used to hold pins, paper pins or small metal item.

You can also gift it to someone.

21# Storme Timer Socket – Automatic Power Cut-Off Socket

Timer socket is a socket which automatically cut off the power.

If you overcharge electronic devices such as laptop, mobile, power bank then chances that battery will be damaged.

So the avoid this problem we have to restrict the chartering for a limited time for different devices.

For example, a laptop can be charged up to 2 hrs.

Mobile for 2 to 3 hrs. And power bank for around 5 to 6 hrs so this device will be helpful for this purpose.

Storme Timer Socket has a timer which can be set for 1, 2, 3 and 4 hrs. So you can set the timer accordingly and plug the charging cable. Once the device is charged automatically power cuts off.

22# Generic 8 in 1 Multi-Function Screwdriver Tool Kit and 6 LED Light Torch

Multi-Function Screwdriver Tool Kit is having 8 different types of Screwdriver.

It is very portable and you can keep it in your pocket.

Screwdrivers are folded and you can use it easily.

It has also LED light in it so while working in dark place enough light will be there.

For LED lights battery is required.

Overall this is a very handy and useful gadget for home improvement.

23# boAt Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

boAt Rockerz Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is one of the best headphones with great performance.

It has high bass and balanced treble.

This headphone looks stylish with a nice color combination.

It is available 4 different colors red, blue, green and orange.

The cushion for ears is very comfortable and you can use it for a long time.

You can connect it to your laptop, mobile or any other device using Bluetooth as well as using auxiliary cable.

Battery backup is up to 10 hours.

It has buttons on the headphone to operate.

You can also use it for gaming.

24# F&D E200 Soundbar Speaker System

F&D Soundbar is a mini speaker which is small with stylish design.

You can connect this soundbar to laptop, TVs and other music devices.

It will save a lot of space on your desk as it is small.

The sound quality is very good.

The price is competitively lower than other sound systems but still, you will get a quality product.

It is a plug and play gadget and connected to devices using a USB cable.

25# Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Survival Tool Kit

Wallet Ninja is a multipurpose tool kit which you can carry in your wallet.

It has around 18 different functions. This is one the Unique gadgets online in India.

It is same as the size of a credit card or debit card which can easily fit in a wallet.

It is made up of good metal material.

It performs functions such as bottle opener, ruler, screwdriver, can opener, peeler, box opener, hex, mobile stand, and various other functions.

As it is compact you can carry it with you in your wallet.

It is a very good product at a low price range.

26# BLACK+DECKER BDCS36F Cordless Screw Driver Kit with LED Guiding Light

BLACK+DECKER is a famous company for household products.

Black Decker Cordless Screw Driver Kit one of the best gadget.

The screwdriver rotate is using the button in both forward a reverse direction with a speed of 200 cycles per min.

You can hold it like a pistol for screws.

There are 7 torque positioning to make the screwing easy.

Speed control is provided for fast and slow screwdrivers.

There are 10 different types of screws are provided with the kit for different types of screws.

The screw holder is magnetic to hold a screwdriver.

It has a LED light near the screwdriver which helps to work easily in dark places.

The handle is movable and you can adjust it in 2 different positions according to the screw fitting position.

There is a charger provided with a screwdriver to charge it.

27# Magnetic Mobile Stand

Magnetic Mobile Stand is used to mount your mobile in a stand.

It is having a magnetic base so mobile will stick to it.

It comes with 2 mounting places which you have to fix at the backside of your mobile.

Once you mount the mobile in the stand you can use mobile in both vertical and horizontal way.

There is a magnet fixed on top of the small ball on a stand which rotates in all directions so you can change mobile screen to any direction.

The mobile stand is the very heavy base so the stand will not fall when mobile is mounted.

28# Boat Stone Bluetooth Speaker with Monstrous Sound

Boat sound systems are very good in quality.

This Bluetooth speaker is perfect for a party with louder bass and crystal clear sound.

Speaker is having a stylish design with a soft handle.

Perfect for indoor as well as outdoor listening as it is compact.

Rechargeable battery of 3000 mAH power which can play unto 10 hrs.

Compatible with all devices using Bluetooth.

You can connect to a laptop, mobile or pen drive and play music.

Waterproof and dust resistant.

14-watt stereo speaker.

Speaker size is around 11 X 5 X 5 inches.

Once Bluetooth is disconnected it will automatically switch off.

2 more Bluetooth speakers which are portable, compact and excellent in sound quality.

JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

Photron P10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

Bose Sound Link Mini II 725192-5110 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers


These are some of the top Unique gadgets online in India 2023.

They interesting, stylish, compact, portable and best part it they are useful in day today life.

So you can buy any of the gadget which is helpful in your daily life.

Please share your thoughts.

Which gadget you are using?

Which gadget is most useful in day today activities?

Which gadget you like from the above list?

If you have any query then you can contact me using contact me page.

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